The most difficult tasks in the Unified State

The most difficult tasks in the Unified State Exam in Mathematics  analysis

Today we talk about the solutions to the most difficult math tests of the USE, touching the numbers with an expanded answer and getting acquainted with the website, as well as analyzing the most frequent mistakes of graduates. Let's go!

The most difficult math GCSE test solutionsAssignment 9Assignment 9 opens the list of numbers of increased complexity. What we repeat from the theory:Conversion of trigonometric expressions;Calculation of trigonometric expressions;Counting on a good score, you should make every effort and understand the topic, read

 just "solve" or refer to "as it goes" is not an option.Assignment 14The top difficult tasks of the USE in mathematics continues with number 14, which still belongs to the advanced level of complexity.Because of which most mistakes are made:Ignorance of theory;Any geometric problem requires knowledge of the properties of the figure, which is given. From the confusion in the head comes confusion in the sequence of solutions, the construction of the drawing, the derivation of the formula.Independence is certainly a good thing, but in this case, amateurism, unsupported knowledge will lead to the loss of the cherished points.Task 16A number which, according to statistics, is solved correctly by only 2.7% of raters! Surprised? Let's figure it out so that you can be the one to improve your USE 2022 statistics!This task can add as much as 3 points to your piggy bank. This is an unusual and quite difficult geometric problem to prove a statement and find one of the exponents.By the way, the knowledge of theory will also be very useful for you to get acquainted with

 As we see, you can't do without them in mathematics.Particular attention is paid to the construction of drawings, because a mistake at this stage of the solution will "derail" all subsequent steps and calculations.Assignment 17Here to solve the problem you will be offered a system of equations, which by complexity, of course, with the tasks from the database in comparison does not go. Maximum possible score: 4.What is worth remembering. Under the terms of the assignment you must not only solve the system, but also find all the possible variables that match the given condition (for example, positive values, in which the system has only one solution).Assignment 19.The number recognized as one of the most difficult in the whole Mathematics KIM. This is a number problem whose main difficulty is to discover hidden patterns based on experiments with numbers, come up with an idea for a solution, and then build and investigate a suitable model for the situation described in the problem.Many eleventh graders rely on luck and think, "oh, what am I not good at with these numbers, it's not geometry." However, very in vain. The guessing method won't work here, because the examiners will want to see a reasoned solution to give you points.Which we repeat:"probabilities" section;Expanded Answer Tasks in the Unified State Exam in MathematicsPrinciple of solving extended-answer questions:Start with an easy one;For example, with numbers 12 or 14 on simple algebraic calculations. After systematic preparation and solution, they will take a minimum of time on the USE itself.Solving an economic problem;Proceed with what seems feasible;Check the answers, rewrite them on the "clean sheet" and begin to think about what was not given the first time."Stuff up" on the task with a detailed answer is not worth it, because they can get the cherished 90 + points and make you a worthy competitor, intimidating other applicants to the list of admission.Frequent mistakes in the difficult part of the USE in mathematicsAs you can understand from our article, the main mistakes graduates make on the math portion of the SAT are related to ignorance of theory. This can and should be corrected, and it is very good that there is more than enough time for this so far.The next series of mistakes is due to laziness. Yes, yes, you did not misunderstand. Very often eleventh graders do not want to check their own calculations, it is from this form the most offensive blunders. Imagine solving a difficult problem and not checking that 3 squared is not 6, but 9.Today we've figured out the tricky math USE problems. Remember that you can actually do absolutely anything. Ride your luck and get right to the throne of the queen of the sciences!


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